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20 week running plan to take your from zero to hero in under 5 months

Strength and conditioning plan covering gym exercises and cross training

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Fat and carbohydrate loading recipes

Mindset techniques used by the experts

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The STAMINA marathon training plan covers a full 20 weeks worth of running training, ideal for the novice or intermediate marathon runner.

Whether this is your first marathon or you are looking at shaving some serious time off your personal best, the STAMINA marathon training plan has it covered.

STAMINA marathon training details the principles of tempo training, where you train at different intensities in order to build up your lactic acid threshold.

It also covers how, when and what distance your short, long and back to back marathon training runs should be.


Strength and conditioning is a crucial part of any marathon training plan if you want to reach the start line injury free.

STAMINA contains 20 weeks worth of gym exercises aimed to increase the strength and endurance of your muscles, so that you can run further, for longer.

It also contains principles and a full cross training plan, to help avoid over fatigue and increase your overall aerobic capacity.

Featuring EXCLUSIVE video content of all exercises for members of the STAMINA marathon training plan, available online, so you have access where ever you may be, night or day.


STAMINA contains a comprehensive list of recipes covering general nutrition principles, when and what to eat to fuel your body for success.

The nutrition plan also details out a number of recipes for both fat and carbohydrate loading phases, ensuring that you have as much stored energy in your body come race day as is humanly possible!

We also touch on supplementation, and what to take when so you can maximise your performance both in your marathon training and on race day.


Arguably the most important and often neglected aspect of any marathon training plan is that of mindset.

Whilst this is a huge topic in its own right, here at Alpha Challenger Fitness we boil down the techniques used by the experts, including The Alpha Challenger: Alex Carter and London’s first £10k coach Lazo Freeman –  into easily digestible advice to help you reach your fullest potential.

We look at tried and tested results-based techniques, including visualisation, chunking and mantras in this section of the marathon training plan.

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