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What is Body Transformation?

Body Transformation is the holy grail of the Alpha Challenger Fitness coaching programmes.

Over a period of 3-4 months we rapidly transform your body from the inside out, concentrating on correct habit formation, behavioural change and emotional wellbeing coupled with an extensive exercise and nutrition programme.

Alpha Challenger Fitness’ founder Alex Carter has been through his own transformation, rapidly transforming his body in under 10 weeks and getting model contracts off the back of it.

We focus on results, whilst ensuring that you fall in love with the process.  We truly believe that if you can change your body, you can change your life.

Alpha Challenger Fitness is owned and operated by Alex Carter, a certified body transformation coach and personal trainer.  Find out more.

If you are ready to build muscle, increase your fitness and are committed 100% to challenge yourself to really be the best version of YOU then a full body transformation is worth considering.  You can achieve what others do in 3-4 years in as many months.

Results driven transformations

At Alpha Challenger fitness we deliver results.  Investing in yourself is the smartest investment you can make, as it gives you the knowledge, desire and confidence to achieve anything.

Michael (pictured left) is a corporate executive who is one of my online clients.  He has achieved epic results in just 10 weeks, balancing training with a hectic lifestyle and learning how to prioritise himself over other competing elements in his life.

Oliver (pictured right) is a teacher and wanted to regain his former athletic body.  In just 10 weeks, with stringent goal setting, accountability and nutritional coaching, Oliver now has increased muscle and fitness and his six pack is back!

mind over matter

The most neglected art form in fitness is that of building and strengthening your mindset.  The view you adopt for yourself profoundly affects the way you lead your life.  It ultimately determines whether you become the person you want to be and whether your achieve the things you value most.

At Alpha Challenger Fitness, we believe in shifting your psychology to transform your physiology.  Or simply put, we spend the time in understanding how YOUR mind works so we can shape YOUR body.



shift your values shape your life

Have you ever wondered why some people gravitate to health and fitness, whilst others desire but shy away from it?

You prioritise your life around what YOU value the most.  When you truly know what YOUR values are, you can link health and fitness to your highest ones, thus redefining your perception of reality

What’s more, we keep you accountable daily to your highest values, so that together we can empower you to deliver the change you want to see in your life.  It’s incredibly hard if you don’t know what your doing and incredibly easy when you have an expert there to help you.





Goal Setting

Do you know what the difference between the super successful and everyone else is?  They set goals…

On the Alpha Challenger Fitness Transformation programme, we take YOU through our tried and tested goal setting process.  We lay out everything you want to achieve, related to fitness and in your life.  We then work with you to make those goals a reality.

bespoke nutrition

Meal Plans

Celebrity Detox

Supplement Advice

Restaurant Guide

Nutrition is absolutely essential to a healthy lifestyle, including building muscle and fitness.  As part of the Alpha Challenger transformation programme, you will benefit from:

Bespoke meal plans; these are built around your likes/dislikes.  As is no hard and fast rule when it comes to nutrition (as everybody’s body is different) we have numerous different approaches and will find one that works for you, incorporating an accountability element as well.

Celebrity Detox compiled by Rehan Jalali; coach to the rich and famous.  Rehan has worked with celebrities such as Ben Affleck and Nicole Scherzinger.  This plan cleans contains a unique formula for optimal gut health and subsequent nutrient absorption

Supplement advice; giving guidance on the best supplements to take depending on your goal.

Restaurant Guide; being healthy doesn’t mean being boring!  We work out your favourite restaurants or where you like to eat when you’re out with friends and provide you with a list of healthy dishes linked to your weight loss, muscle building or fitness goal..

The Alpha Full Body Transformation Package - 16 weeks

What's included?

  • 16 week personalised and progressive STRENGTH TRAINING programme, drastically increasing your muscle mass or toning as appropriate.
  • 15 week CARDIOVASCULAR TRAINING programme; incorporating HIIT, fasted cardio and/or boxing to help shift unwanted belly fat and /or build fitness fast.
  • Introductory MEASUREMENTS and fitness test to help us track progress and keep the process as SMART as possible.
  • 24 x face to face hour long PERSONAL TRAINING SESSIONS in the gym to help coach you and teach you techniques used by bodybuilders, athletes and applying scientific techniques to power, strength and speed
  • 16 x weekly SKYPE SESSIONS for online/remote clients and daily accountability through whatt’s app.
  • A week long FOOD DIARY AND NUTRITION ANALYSIS, including full metabolic typing to show you the best foods to eat for your specific body type.  Also includes your very own custom macronutrient split for both optimum energy levels and focus and/or aesthetics depending on your specific goal.
  • NUTRITIONAL OVERVIEW SESSION covering the importance of appropriate nutrition for your specific body type and its links to health and wellness.
  • WEEKLY HABIT FORMATION PLAN covering new habits each week; we will help you create and sustain new habits to a happier, healthier you.  From exploring the importance of drinking more water, the benefits of exposure to sunlight and a cold environment to reducing your exposure to harmful electro magnetic frequencies – this plan is a fantastic way to sustainably improve your health.
  • 4 day DETOX (gut healing for nutrient absorbtion) used by celebs such as Ben Affleck and Lewis Hamilton to help reset your gut microbiome and avoid any degenerative diseases in the future.
  • 2 x face to face sessions on GOAL SETTING and applied action planning, used by hundreds of senior corporate executives to plan out their personal and corporate goals each year.  Includes prioritisation of goals, action planning and accountability on short term, high priority goals.
  • We work together with you to build out what your future self would look like and use ADVANCED VISUALISATION tools to help you put in motion the actions that will bring this to fruition.
  • 2 x sessions on UNDERSTANDING YOUR VALUES AND THE 5 LAWS OF TRANSFORMATION.  You prioritise your life around what YOU value the most.  When you truly know what YOUR values are, you can link health and fitness to your highest ones, thus redefining your perception of reality.
  • SUPPLEMENTATION GUIDE for body transformation; what to take when and why to take it, covering gut health and supplmentation for sleep optimisation and weight loss.
  • 16 WEEKLY CHECK IN SESSIONS, energy conservation tactics.  We also run through any wins or struggles for the week to allow you to focus.
  • WIM HOFF AND YOGI BREATHWORK, PLUS BEGINNERS MEDITATION, MIND TO MUSCLE CONNECTION AND HOW TO GET INTO STATE TO OWN THE DAY all taught in various practical coaching sessions throughout your plan.  We apply this principles to exercise to help you smash any preconceived limits you might have.
  • ONGOING SUPPORT AND ACCOUNTABILITY access to your own private coach and a support network of body transformation coaches and functional specialists.
  • PNOE METABOLIC FUEL TESTING updated as part of the 2019 programmes, all transformation include a free session to test what fuel your body uses at various different intensity levels.


Download your FREE protein packed Macro-nutrient recipe guide for busy execs on the go NOW

30 recipes with video instructions and My Fitness Pal scanable barcodes for easy use

“Thanks to Alex I’ve gotten really strong and have a whole new outlook on exercise.  I struggled to know what to do in the gym and despite eating what I believed was healthy couldn’t seem to lose fat around my stomach.  Alex taught me the science behind nutrition, so I could apply it in my own daily life.  Exercising with Alex was fun and he was so motivating.  He really got the best out of me every session and helped me achieve my goals.  Due to years of sitting at a desk I had issues with my spine and posture.  Alex gave me rehab exercises to strengthen under active muscles and correct inbalances in my spine which massively helped – before working with Alex, I didn’t even realise my back could bend that way!  Overall it’s been life changing” Tarik Johnson

“The main difference between Alex as a coach and other personal trainers that I’ve had before is the level of knowledge that Alex is able to share. He’s helped me with a lot of the psychological aspects of training that have really aided my consistency and motivation.  I worked with Alex through 40 days of consecutive exercise to get the body I wanted and from his desire to push me past my limits and always believe in me I have achieved a body I’m really proud of as well as nutritional healthy eating habits that will last for life!”  Victoria Wilkinson

“I went to Alpha challenger fitness with a goal in mind, I had tried lots of gyms but could never stay focussed and always found something to do instead. This was a totally different approach to training, it was personal and enjoyable. Alex set me a 12 week programme to work on strength for an event and I cannot believe how much I improved in that time. I found myself wanting to train, and surprising myself. The training programme was versatile and Alex not only improved my physical fitness but also my mental fitness, he kept me focused. I achieved so much more than I believed I could.” Emma Witts

“It’s been absolutely fantastic.  I’ve been able to reflect on everything that I want to achieve and I’ve got a completely new perspective on what being fit actually means.  I’ve now realised that my fitness goals run concurrently with all of the other goals that I have and Alex has taught me that everything that I do in the gym, everything that I do on the sports field, essentially everything that I am doing to achieve my physical body will give me the results that I need in my career, my relationships, my social interactions, which is bizarre, because I never thought it possible to correlate the two before I worked with Alex.” Oliver Walch

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