Lost Motivation?

Have Your Struggled to stay motivated over lockdown?

Motivation can drop when everything around you is different. You are not the only one believe me. It might be your elephant 🐘 😂 Jeez Alex, you’re off on one…!

But hold on a second, hear me out. In this video I talk about the REAL reason change is hard. Why you might have dieted in the past but not had the results stick. Why you might have changed a habit briefly but been able to do it for the long term. So how do you maintain your fitness levels and eat right when you all you feel like doing is giving up>

Motivating You

I’ll also give you 3 things you can take away TODAY and put into practice that I GUARANTEE will start to shake up your fitness results in a good way:

  1. Direct the rider (your rational mind)
  2. Motivate (and inspire) your elephant (your emotional mind)
  3. Shape the path (make it easier for you to make the change habitual)

This is the EXACT process I use with my paying clients but I’m sure they won’t mind me sharing it with you at a time like this.

My Strategy for Awesome Motivation

It’s allowed me to help 10s of people now in my career

Take a peek 👀

P.s. wife’s latest exploits on my Barnet. Asked for the 🍍 😂

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