Have you figured out your new normal yet?

I think I have… just! But it’s taken me a while. If you had asked me this time last week, when I was cracking open tinnies on the sofa, feeling very sorry for myself, I think my answer would have been a resounding NO! This week has been a bit different though. I’ve cycled every day. Got my 10,000 steps in and had a firm cut off time in the evening, so that I can spend it with my wife. I’ve spoken to friends on FaceTime, whattsapp and house party… jeez we even had a cheese night with some Friends and a quiz night too!. I think what began to click (or reclick) for me, was that you control your own state.

You control what you give your attention

You control how you feel, good, bad or indifferent, it’s an absolute. If you focus on things outside of your control, guess what? You’ll feel out of control! So it got me thinking, how do I feel better? There a tonne of ways, but one of my coaches said to me once “Don’t try and boil the ocean. Focus on the smallest things that are going to shift the dial the most. Get the biggest bang for your buck.”

So here are 3 Feel-good Tips from me

This isn’t for people that have cracked lockdown and are already living their best life!

But if you’re feeling sad, out of balance or like there’s just a slightly dull anxious feeling there all the time, check this out.

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