What Diets Do and Don’t Do

How to Lose Weight and Keep it Off

“I can’t live off 12-15 pts a day for the rest of my life!”
It’s what a client of mine said after we talked about what he’d tried before to lose weight. Slimming World actually came up and TBH it comes up quite often. More often than some guys would care to admit…
Some weight came off whilst I was on the diet, but as soon as I started eating normally again, it all piled back on…
… and then some
Compare that to this guy who lost 24lbs over the course of his transformation on Reignite. Now 9 months later he’s lost a further stone and a half and he’s at ‘his fighting weight.’ Now I’m going to take it back to when we started….
He was scratching his head about how he’d lose the weight if he wasn’t on a diet? He asked if it was even possible to get his shit together if he wasn’t eating chicken and broccoli or “rabbit food?” Then I talked to him about my CC Framework. It combines two concepts:
& Consciousness
Here, let me explain…
I fear not the man who can do 10,000 kicks once. I fear the man who can do 1 kick 10,000 times (Bruce Lee)
This quote got me thinking, what if I could find a way to break down any goal into small bite size chunks that over time made a HUGE difference to the end result?
  1. Consistency; taking small, consistent actions daily in your chosen direction of travel. Operationalising your chosen strategy by aligning your actions to your goals
Then I started reading some more “Woo” out there stuff and I came across this:
Until we make the unconscious conscious it will direct our lives and we will call it fate.
I love this quote and it was the basis for the second half of the CC Framework:
2. Consciousness means bringing awareness to something. As soon as we become aware of exactly what we are putting in our body, then we can make decisions with full awareness.
When you apply the CC Framework to weight loss, physique development, even career development, you’re able to get some life changing results. Look, I get it, you’re thinking, is this just a theory? If you want the exact steps to follow that allow you to both consistent and more conscious.
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