Are You in Need of Some Fitness Motivation?

If you’re stuck may I please help you? Everything in the world at this moment seems to be in some way totally out of control, and in others, how do we best deal with what we have got?… maybe you are facing some serious uncertainly with work, and over the last few weeks, it’s been about adjusting to life and this ‘new normal’?

First Weeks in Lock-Down

I’ve spoken to a lot of people who told me that the first couple of weeks of this we’re all about comfort eating, snacking all day, and just being unsure. But now they are starting to realise they don’t need to eat nearly as much as they did when they, uh, left the house. Maybe you are still in some overwhelm, and that’s totally normal.

Maybe you feel like you want to actually figure out your new routine, eat a bit better and feel a bit better. Now that you’re not rushing everywhere you can actually take some time to think about you and reflect. Think about what it is that you and the family are eating. Even get to some more focused exercise out in the garden or the living room. You’ve maybe been so overwhelmed…you feel like you’ve been hiding from exercise so long ….

…… you feel like you’re in the “fitness protection program”. lol…. And you know you want to come out of that scheme at some point soon.


I know if you’re reading this…you know how important this is over these next few weeks. There’s just so much going in the world…so much to deal with… and I want to help. That’s why I’ve set aside some time for the next couple days to help get some people UNSTUCK… Victoria my wife says getting people unstuck is my gift:-)

Becoming Un-Stuck – I’ve UNSTUCK a lot of good people. People just like you, with things holding them back that are similar to you. Would you be interested in you and I talking and having me get you…UNSTUCK? What are your goals for April maybe? What small things could you do, even with having kids running all over the place…

… to maybe just get back to feeling a little positive, with some health and fitness (If you know all these answers, you probably aren’t stuck…LOL)

Online Fitness Guy

I’m not trying to be that know-it-all Fitness guy online. It’s more just a courtesy “helping-hand”. Being stuck is a problem… psychologically, emotionally, AND physically. I know I’ve been comfort eating last week, the missus does a mean carb heavy dish in the evening! Lol … but I feel a little better now having gone for a few bike rides over the weekend. And I want that for my peeps. To feel a bit better. Which is why I’m setting aside a few time slots to help.

I’m calling these “UNSTUCK SESSIONS”.

You and I will jump on Zoom or on our cell phones…Have a cup of coffee…Have a lil conversation about you, your health, energy, focus, what small things you are wanting to get back to this next few weeks.

I’ll offer some of my advice, but I totally get the current situation…. whatever we come up with, it will be small and very manageable. Listen, there’s no charge for this…And only YOU will know if you need this help, or not, right now
Either one is cool. I’m only ONE person…and you’ll be talking with me personally…so I’m only allotting as many spots as my time can handle over the next week or so. I’m not saying to drop everything, as there’s a lot happening
…but my little tribe is just over 1,000 on all my social media channels, so please do let me know ASAP.

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