Stop Negative Thinking – Advanced Coaching Program

Can you really stop negative thinking and change your life?
I just finished up filming a meditation tutorial for my advanced coaching programme Elevate – Learn. Lead. Succeed.

Not going to lie, the guys that have been through ‘Reignite’ and are going on to do this have embraced a little bit of my “Woo Woo’ness” They have to 😉 I wouldn’t usually ever share this content, but I’ve spoken to the guys on Elevate and in this instance I’ve managed to twist their arm…As long as it helps enough people.

Changing Negative Feelings and Thoughts

How to change your life you have to change the way you feel (or your emotions) To change the way you feel (emotions) you have to change the way you think (neuron’s firing in the brain) and the only way you can change that is via programming your subconscious mind. Changing negative thinking requires a strong enough reason (Why) to change. Our thoughts are everything, they shape the world that we see reflected back to us. Too many negative thoughts (leading to a negative feeling) start to drag us down and make us lose sight of the power we hold to shape our future.
Learn how to work with your mind to change your subconscious beliefs and negative thought patterns. Take control of your feelings and move forward knowing that you are no longer at the mercy of the patterns that you have unconsciously set to work through your subconscious.

What is the Subconscious?

We don’t fully understand it, as it can’t be seen or measured. We do know however, that there is a part of us that works without rationale. It works depending on our rational brain’s instruction, but often we don’t realise that we are instructing it. So negative thought patterns imprint themselves into our subconscious, allowing it to bring more of the same. How does changing years of negative thinking happen in the space of a few weeks? Seems crazy right? But it’s not. It doesn’t take the same amount if time to re-set the program. That’s the great thing about this training course. Once you have the skills, you can continue to use them.