What’s the biggest problem with a diet and how do you overcome it?


Even just hearing the word sends shivers into the spine of many an executive. It conjours up visions of restriction, rabbit food. The need for constant restraint. The problem with most diets is they make you eat too few calories and leave you feeling emotional and pissed off. They don’t contain enough protein, leading to muscle degeneration and a slowing down of your metabolism.. They’re too restrictive to be practical. But the worst part? They expect an end point and a return to “normal eating.” The type of eating where you put all the weight on in the first place.

What’s my solution to Maintaining a Healthy Weight?

#ConsciousConsistency Principle.

This is how I do it with my clients:

Step 1 – find out how much you should be eating for your specific goal (muscle building or weight loss)
Step 2 – Make small, micro improvements to how you eat and what you eat over time
Step 3 – Be conscious of how many calories you consume, if you go over one day, pull back over the next, or the next couple.
Step 4 – Repeat.
Its what I’ve used for the last 5 years+ personally and it works even if you’re pushed for time jumping from meeting to meeting on Teams.
Don’t think diet.
Think #ConsciousConsistency Principle

We all have a diet that we work with to a point. But diet has taken on a negative tone. So many faddy one’s out there. Maintaining a healthy diet is simply maintaining a healthy eating plan into the future, one you can stick to, one that becomes a way of life and not a one-off kick start to something near your previous bad habit.