Fundamental Differences

A Trainer Lights A Fire Under Someone. A Coach Lights A Fire Inside Of Someone.

A Trainer Affects The Hour They Are With Someone. A Coach Affects The Hours They Are Not With Someone.

A Trainer Hopes To Get You Through The Session. The Coach Hopes To Get Through To Someone.

A Trainer Looks to Fix People’s Problems. A Coach Helps People Remember How to Fix Their Own Problems

A Trainer Stretches Your Legs. A Coach Stretches Your Limits.

A Trainer Counts Your Reps. A Coach Discounts Your Excuses.

A Trainers Is Concerned With How Much Time You Put In. A Coach Is Concerned With How Much You Put Into The Time.

A Trainer Wants You To Do Your Best. A Coach Wants You To Do Better Than Your Best.

A Trainer Is Concerned More With How, Where And When. A Coach Is Concerned More With Who, What And Why.

A Trainer Works For A Pay-check. A Coach Works For A Passion.

A Trainer Develops And Delivers Your Workout. A Coach Creates And Cultivates Your Purpose.

Training Is Something You Do To Someone. Coaching Is Something You Do With Someone”

Martin Rooney