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I was speaking to a guy the other week about the possibility of doing some work together. He was 23 stone and classed as obese. We spent a bit of time talking about his health issues
  • Pre-diabetic
  • Worried about his foot dropping off
  • Losing 20 years of quality life
We even talked about how he felt “judged” at work. He often thought people were staring at him. How he had little confidence about going for the promotion he knew that he really deserved. But the most saddening thing about the whole conversation? This guy hadn’t had a blowie in YEARS. He couldn’t even really see his little soldier anymore.
Damn had his health cost him…I can’t imagine we have many 23 stone guys in the facebook group but maybe there’s a few people that this post struck a chord with? That feel a little bit “stuck” right now?Scales (if you ever step on them) tend to creep up. Increasingly conscious that the confidence you used to have in your 20’s is fading quicker than those washboard abs…and when you do think about it, you wonder what some of your choices over the last couple of years might cost you? Worried that your daughter might not have their dad standing at the aisle next to them giving them away on their wedding day. Worried that they might at some point in the next few years be told that they’re pre-diabetic. Or worried that they haven’t had a blowie in a few months and don’t want their body to be the reason that this trend continues!

Free Health Check For All

So via The Leading Man I’m offering a few guys the opportunity for a FREE health check. No strings attached. We’ll just pop on a really short call, review your BMI, some of your current exercise and nutritional habits and I’ll give you 1-3 things that, if implemented, will make a significant difference for you. There will be NO charge for this service.

Sadly there’ll be no chance to join my Reignite programme right now as I’m currently fully booked until the next quarter. So now’s your chance to grab a free consult and get some tailored advice. It might be just the thing you need before possibly going into a second lockdown. 48% of guys gained 7+lbs over the first one. But I’m back from holiday and straight into work so pretty maxed out next week. If you do want a free consult, I’m going to limit the amount to the first 5 guys only. Just ask to join our FB group and comment “Health check” here and if you’re one of the first 5, I’ll drop you a PM to arrange a suitable time.
Always on your side.