Change Your Focus

Things you CAN’T control… but we spend most of the time talking or thinking about

1. The weather.
2. The economy.
3. The government.
4. Covid-19
5. When the pizza will arrive
When we focus on not having what we want, guess what? We get more of ‘not having what we want’ It can’t serve us in any way. So save your energy for…
The things you CAN control, but often go unchecked
1. Your diet
2. Your responses and your manners
3. Your outlook on life
4. Your state of mind
5. Your pizza toppings.

Focus Creates Reality

How to Train Your Focus

YOU decide where/what you focus your attention on. Because where you focus expands to fill your mind. And what fills your mind determines your reality. This is not woowoo. It’s a fact and the more that we learn about focus and where to place it, the more fulfilled we are. All of those things we wanted but could almost feel pulling in the opposite direction start to seem like more of a probability than a possibility.